I mean, I mean…um, duh…Chuckie…uh…type…duh

The douche is confused.  Let’s tear this one apart comment, by confused comment:

“Like Wow!”  Oh, I wholeheartedly agree, Douche…or did you just see the dreamy body-builder neighbor you lust after (SINNER!)?

“I mean, what is the deal with the Conservatives and this guy?”  Gee, Douche, you claim to be a conservative, so you should understand…oh, I’m sorry, I forgot for a second that you are an ugly, fat, loser drop-out without an original thought.  Man, you almost tricked me by including that oh so intelligent and incisive “I mean” in there.

“I mean, If anyone is qualified to be President on the Republican side, it’s this guy.”  Wait, you almost tricked me again with that “I mean” and the extra capitalization in the middle of a sentence.  That’s very tricksy of you Douche.  But, I saw right through your rhetorical ploy and discovered…nothing; absolutely nothing – except that you are a fat, ugly, sissy, loser douche.

“Why do the Conservatives hate this guy so much, that they’ll do anything to destroy him.”  Wait, didn’t you just ask this very same question?  Man, you must be confused.  But, that is what I’d expect from a high school drop out loser that spends too much time rotting his mind by watching gay porn (SINNER!).

“I just don’t get it.”  No shit.  This just might be the smartest thing you ever said…if it weren’t for the fact that you say this about everything.  But, at least you are smart enough to know that you aren’t smart enough to know anything.  Now, if you’d just do us all a favor and fall off of the face of the earth, you’d show true genius.

“Anyone?”  That would only be me Chuckie.  No one else reads your loser blog.  No one else cares.  I don’t really care, except that it amuses me to make fun of you.  But, even that is wearing off.  You are a very easy target and it almost seems unfair…until I read all the bile that you’ve spewed over the years and realize that you masturbate to porn all day (SINNER!).

I wonder, Chuckie, did you poop your pants while thinking up this bastion of wit?  Or, did you poop them on purpose so Mommy would change you and give you a hand job?  Have fun crying yourself to sleep tonight…after you masturbate (SINNER!) to gay porn (SINNER!).  Douche.


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