Chuckie’s gay jealous rage

The douche is all charged up today with gay jealous rage.  First, he’s mad at Dana Milbanks because he found out that Dana is Keith Olberman’s gay lover.  The douche cleverly discovered that Dana is a unisex name and could therefore be considered gay sounding.  It was devilishly clever for the douche and he probably congratulated himself for at least an hour for thinking it up…or at least until his next scheduled masturbation time (SINNER!).

Then, he got mad at Mitt Romney because Mitt was mean enough to stick his foot in his own mouth, instead of in Chuckie’s mouth and fulfilling one of Chuckie’s gay fantasies (SINNER!).

Give it up douche.  No man or woman will ever love you or want you (blow up sex dolls don’t count (SINNER!)) – except your mother, but she has to.


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