Chuckie’s Outraged!!

Outraged!  Outraged!  The government is torturing people!  It is horrible!

Douche knows how those prisoners feel and empathizes.  Sitting in a cold, dark cell is just like sitting in Mom’s basement.  Getting transferred from place to place is just like getting job rejections from place after place.  Being deprived of human contact is just like being a fat, bald, ugly, sissy-loser that can’t get a date or make any friends.  Being chained to the floor is just like chaining your heart and not telling the dreamy body-builder neighbor your true feelings.

Being a prisoner that is tortured is just like the story of Chuckie’s life – fat, bald, stupid, uneducated, ugly, dirty, uncouthe, friendless, womanless and pathetic.  He understands why the prisoner tried to kill himself.  But, in the end, Chuckie is jealous of the prisoner.  The prisoner has been set free, but Chuckie will always be a douche, stuck in his mother’s basement, watching porn movies (SINNER) and waiting for Mommy to cook him dinner – no life, no future, no hope.

Cry yourself to sleep tonight Chuckie, knowing that Mike has shown mercy on you because he so much the better man.  You’ll live a long, unhappy, pathetic existance; never knowing happiness or experiencing joy – except when Mommy gives you a hand job while changing your diaper.


One Response to “Chuckie’s Outraged!!”

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