Too little, too late

Poor little Chuckie has been thoroughly abused and is feeling the heat.  Witness this whiney, sniveling post.  I hope I had something to do with that.  I can only hope that the Lord  put this in his head and he really means it…but I don’t really believe that.  I think he just got so much abuse from so many places that he couldn’t take it and is just trying to shut everyone up.

Well, I just started this blog today and I’m not quitting yet – not until he has received punishment equal to the offense.  That and the fact that I can be as cruel and uncouthe as I wish with a douche like that…and he makes me feel so much better about myself.

Even a douche’s douche thinks Chuckie is a douche.  Even the homeless point and laugh at the douch..  Even the mentally handicapped think the douche is slow.  Even those chicks on the 2 girls and 1 cup video don’t give a shit about you Chuck Adkins.  No one does.  Think about that as you cry yourself to sleep tonight.


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