Chuckie – genius douche?

Ha!  That one made even me laugh…genius…I kill me!

It is quite obvious that the douche spends his day trolling around the intarwebs, reading political commentary, scratching his head, watching gay porn, eating several pizzas and then belching out some idiotic inanity that sounds political because he did a few cut and pastes from Michelle Malkin or Ann Coulter – two more women he can never have that are part of his nightly masturbation parade who come in line right after his dreamy body-builder neighbor.

El douche, your “take” on anything is idiotic.  I don’t even have to read it to know it is idiotic.  Face it, you are a high school drop out who couldn’t even learn to drive a truck.  You aren’t smart enough or significant enough to have an opinion that counts.  No one cares if you exist, except me, and that’s only because it amuses me to make fun of you.  If I wanted an opinion more important than yours, I would just look into the toilet when I was finished.

Yes, it was brilliant of you to “observe” that, after a full day’s discussion in the rest of the world, this would be a “black mark” on her campaign.  What does that mean anyway?  Is it going to effect her negatively?  Where – Iowa, New Hampshire, all over?  How many points will it drop her in the poles?  In what voter demographic will she suffer the most?  Why is it a black mark for her if she didn’t say it, didn’t know about it and apologized afterwards?

Wow, El douche, that is some really snappy and incisive political wisdom you handed out right there.  I think you may have swayed my vote!  Yes, you have changed my vote.  I now vote that you are a SISSY douchebag, rather than just a douche.  The more I read on your site, the further up the ladder I think you have to climb to blow an ant.  At this rate, you’ll never be able to reach the dreamy body-builders package – just one more sexual conquest out of your reach.


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